Thursday, August 04, 2011

Lisa Ceaser Photography

Here's a blog that I've struggled with for a while - I've had it in reserve, but I was having a hard time verifying that this was actually by someone from Northeastern Pennsylvania. I was about to send her a query by email when I recognized her address: she is a blogger we actually have listed already with another blog, the name of which I need to change.

(Odd story: I actually "met" this blogger a few years ago through the blog site of a once-prolific blogger in Michigan whose blog we both read and commented on regularly. I followed back the link on one of her comments to her blog, and that's where things started.)

Lisa Ceaser Photography

From her "About":

Do you like pretty pictures? Me, too!

And I want to share my eye for pretty pictures with you. I want to make you see, feel, experience all that is beautiful in this world. And I want to capture special memories and moments in time and preserve them for you for an eternity.

My style has been called "photojournalistic". I don't try to make you sit, stand, smile in positions that are uncomfortable, unnatural or just overdone. I shoot your family/event/wedding as it happens, with an eye for details that tell the story from the heart. Yes, we will do the traditional bridal party shots, the grandparents, the bride and groom. But when you choose me for your wedding/portraits/event, you get much more and at an affordable price.

If you're a blogger based in Northeastern Pennsylvania, or are from Northeastern Pennsylvania, or blog about Northeastern Pennsylvania, or know someone who falls into any of these categories, please drop us a line at and we'll be happy to list you - or them!


LAC said...

Sadly I do not maintain this blog any longer. Having stopped doing photography professionally a few years ago. It was just too time consuming to raise a family, work full time and be a professional photographer. I do have a personal blog that I have started recently, And yes, I am verifiably from NEPA. Lol. Born and raised. Grew up in White Haven, currently live in Dorrance Twp. and even work in Wilkes-Barre.


D.B. Echo said...

Thank you for the update! We're overdue to add some new blogs to the site, and will be among the first to be added!