Thursday, September 01, 2011

NEPA Blogosphere Hurricane Irene wrap-up, Part 1

Just a week after we saw a wrap-up of the August 2011 earthquake as it was viewed by the bloggers of NEPA, we have another event that's being seen through the eyes of many bloggers: Hurricane Irene. This is an incomplete set of links to NEPA bloggers' posts about this event, in part because several local bloggers - including NEPA Blogs co-administrator Michelle D. - are among the million or so folks who are still without power. I suspect she will have something to say about that when she is fully back online.

Mike Burnside photographically documented Irene's departure in his post Irene Goodnight.

The Susquehanna River Sentinel found himself contemplating the issue of Irene: Man vs. Nature... and found himself cast in the role of "Man" in Irene: Man vs. Nature - Part 2.

The folks from We are: clamco came home from a trip to Alabama to find that Irene had left a mess for them to clean up in Coming home to the remnants of Irene.

Daniel Hodorawis at NEPArtisan had a message for us all from various politicians, preachers, and pundits: God Doesn’t Like You That’s Why There’s Natural Disasters.

Gary R. Ryman over at Fire Men expressed gratitude that, locally at least, Irene was not a replay of Agnes - and recounted a harrowing and amusing tale from that storm, nearly 40 years ago, in Not Deja Vu All Over Again....Luckily.

Frank Dutton grabbed some gorgeous photos of hurricane-swollen Roaring Brook (here, here, here, and here,) Nay Aug Falls, and Step Falls over at Frank's Place.

David DeCosmo at No News Is...Good News? laments the lack of local radio coverage of local emergencies in Good Night Irene, good night! and discusses the danger of driving out ahead of a hurricane in a car that for some reason is not equipped to receive cable TV news and weather updates in The Hurricane Hunter!

James Rising summarizes his personal damage - including the toll taken by being a McDonald's refugee - in his WEEKENDER Column: Goodnight Irene.

At Mark's Tech Tock Professor Mark Rutkowski talks about how New York City's power lines and other utilities stayed safe during Irene, and reflects upon our dependence on electricity and the problems that face those who have been without it since the storm.

Andy Palumbo filed some Hurricane Notes regarding what it was like being on duty and on the air as the storm hit.

Gort at Gort42 had a thing or two to say about Eric Cantor's parsimonious attitude towards dealing with natural disasters in Paying for Irene.

Holly at Woman Tribune issued an apology of hurricanes: Trust Me Hurricanes, I Will Never Doubt Your Power Again.

Stephen Albert at Not Cease From Exploration had something to say to Critics of the hurricane Irene warnings.

John Cole put the hurricane in perspective as yet another piece of bad news for weary Americans.

Colin Devroe of gave us another view of Hurricane Irene.

Jill at Jilly beansTALK shared her plans for riding out the storm.

In Hurricane Irene and the National Guard, Coal Region Voice wondered if any state's National Guard had been deployed to assist with Hurricane Irene recovery - or if they were all occupied elsewhere.

Jenny Hill looks at the weather's point of view in the poem Seven Trees.

In the days leading up to the storm, JimboBillyBob of Posts From The Fringe seemed to be of two minds on the issue of whether or not to be concerned.

Mark at Circumlocution for Dummies expressed a lack of concern about Hurricane Irene in The Approaching Storm or: Bikeabout?, and related tales of inadvisable activities during past storms. Somewhat ominously, he has not posted since.

At Another Monkey, I took on those who have been dismissive of the seriousness of Hurricane Irene, especially those who seemed to have been hoping for a Katrina-level mass casualty event, in the unimaginatively named Irene, Goodnight.

As I mentioned earlier, Michelle at has not had anything to say on her blog about the storm yet, mainly because she has been without power at her house since the storm. I expect she will have a thing or two to say, particularly about the relative virtues of electricity providers PPL and UGI and the quality of their respective customer service, after she is fully back online.


If I missed your post on Hurricane Irene, please let me know and I'll be sure to include it in Part 2!


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