Friday, March 02, 2012

Mailbag Submission: Hawley Silk Mill

This mailbag submission actually came to us back on February 3rd, but we've been sitting on it ever since. Bad, NEPA Blog Admins! Bad Bad, NEPA Blog Admins! No cookie for you!

Hi, I'm managing a small performance space in the Hawley Silk Mill
called Harmony Presents for music, theater, poetry, creative workshops and
similar. I was happy to stumble upon your blog and find out that you know Abby
Millon. She will be performing with us Feb 24th. I have a site/blog at

I hope we can help each other/ work with each other.


We actually now have a large number of blogs on our "Backlog" of blogs to add. We will be continuing to add them 1 per day (or maybe more) over the next 31 days. MARCH BLOG MADNESS. Get some!


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