Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blog Fest is FRIDAY, MARCH 30!

In just over a week we'll be having the Spring 2012 edition of Blog Fest at Rooney's Irish Pub, 67 S. Main Street in Pittston. Festivities officially start at 6:00 and continue until everyone goes home, which usually isn't until 10:00 or later.

As Gort recounts in his secret history of Blog Fest (or "Blogfest", or "BlogFest"), this was originally conceived by him and Pittston Politics blogger Joe Valenti as a purely political event, even a political carnival of some sort (which really sounds like fun!) The two of them, along with Dave Yonki of the LuLac Political Letter, put a lot of effort into persuading local politicians and candidates to show up at the event.

But you can't call something "Blog Fest" and have it only be about politics - even though some political bloggers (and some non-bloggers) have the mistaken notion that political blogs are the only blogs out there, at least the only blogs worth reading. That's wrong, as wrong as assuming that one genre of music (jazz, dubstep, whatever) is the only real sort of music, or that every movie is a Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler movie. So from the start, Blog Fest attracted more than just the handful of political bloggers in the area.

Unfortunately, some non-political bloggers might have stayed away from the event, turned off by the toxic taint that lingers around politics in Northeastern Pennsylvania. And that's too bad. Because in the end the politics isn't the central theme of Blog Fest; it's more a sort of side show in which all are welcome to participate, but not required to. And at the same time it should be noted that this event gives everyday people unprecedented access to current and future legislators. Where else would you be able to bend the ear of a state or national Senator? Where else would you get a chance to share your thoughts with your member of Congress one-on-one? And where else will you get a chance to size up candidates while talking with them over a beer?

More than that, this is also a networking event. Whether your goal is to network with current and future political office-holders or to network with other regional bloggers from Northeastern Pennsylvania, you will find that this is one of the best networking opportunities anywhere!

All are welcome, bloggers and non-bloggers alike. Michelle Hryvnak Davies has been hard at work publicizing this event, working the media and getting the word out on every forum and bulletin board she can find, while I've been handing out business card-sized fliers (reproduced above) everywhere I've gone. We'd like to see more bloggers of every stripe at Rooney's on Friday, March 30, political as well as non-political. As a bonus, the nearby Arts SEEN Gallery will be staying open that evening, providing Fest-goers the opportunity to stretch their legs, get a breath of fresh air, and stroll through a gallery filled with local art. Please join us!

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