Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Investigating NEPA

....Continuing on with March Blog Madness....

Another local news journalist has a blog! Ok, stop your yawning, right now! This is non other than Dave Bohman, the hard-hitting/hard-ass Emmy winning investigative reporter from WNEP-TV (ABC's local news affiliate).

Investigating NEPA

Dave has been blogging infrequently since 2010. His blog has been in hiatus since last March, but he's recently vowed to start it back up again on Twitter.

In addition to Dave bringing justice to those who have been wronged in Northeastern Pennsylvania, he's also a sports nut, golfer, community service volunteer, and a Dad.

Be sure to follow his adventures on his blog (which he aims to update bi-weekly), on Twitter at @DBohmanWNEP and also on air at WNEP!


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