Thursday, March 22, 2012

When Exactly Does it Get Easier?

This come through on the electronic mail surrogate system the other day:

Do you allow beginners??? I am not very adept at buzzing around Blogger, but I try. Here is a link to my profile, which in turn should allow you to take a gander at my first two attempts.

- karlapro

Indeed we do! Our (completely unstated) mission here at NEPA Blogs is not only to link to all of the blogs throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania, but also to support and encourage blogging in NEPA! So beginning bloggers are totally welcome here!

I am somewhat of a late bloomer. Even though I did not give birth at an exceptionally young age, looking back I can recognize I was not always the model of maturity. Perhaps I grew up with my daughters. Three of 'em. And no matter how many times I heard, "Oh, don't worry, it will get EASIER," I am still waiting...Um, okay, they are all pretty much adults now, it is going to be soon. Right?

When Exactly Does it Get Easier?

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