Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Right Wing Fringe

Mark Cour, the Blog Father of NEPA, had a recent post highlighting some new blogs from the area. Here's one that appeared on the list:

"In case it went unnoticed, I’ve added a few new addresses to the
“Local Buzz” listings. I love reading the thoughts of local folks. Always did,
always will. It’s interesting how people who may have been raised in the same
areas, in the same municipalities or even in the same neighborhoods could have
such divergent opinions on the same issues.

While a link from this site is certainly not an endorsement of any
other site, I enjoy linking to those who have differing perspectives than mine.

The name of this first site speaks volumes about the content."

Right Wing Fringe

Author, "Aggie95", from Wilkes-Barre, PA writes commentary on news articles he comes across and other thoughts and opinions from a conservative point of view. Right Wing Fringe, joins our extensive list of political blogs already on our blog roll.

I hope that the author of Right Wing Fringe as well as the rest of our bloggers (political and not) will join us for Blog Fest. You can find more information by clicking on the green picture on the top of the sidebar, or by reading Harold's post about it right here.

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Aggie95 said...

As soon as I remember how I'll link to Mark and your blog