Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blogs stolen from Amye Archer's blogroll

One great way of discovering new blogs is to click through the blogroll of a blogger you like to read. It also turns out that this is a great way to find local blogs, too! Amye Archer is a NEPA-based writer whose blog we added a while back. I noticed that Amye had put up a new post recently and decided to check it out. While there two things caught my attention: a list of Agent Blogs (someone had just asked me to see if anyone in the blogosphere knew how to find an agent) and a list called Writers Who Blog. Noticing a few familiar names on that list, I decided to check it out in case there were more local writers there. And, whaddya know - I was able to conclusively determine that there were at least three NEPA Bloggers there that we don't have listed yet.

Ally Bishop
Born in Florida, educated at Wilkes University, ally blogs about writing, society, life, and anything else she feels like.

Process This!
Tricia is a writer, a mother, and a senior at Keystone College who plans to go on to an MFA or Ph.D. sometime.

Gale Martin is an author and speaker who lives in Lancaster but got her M.A. in creative writing from Wilkes University.

As a bonus, here's a fourth blog that I apparently clicked through to from one of these other blogs! (Also known as, "How the heck did I get here?"):

Lisa has a long and complicated life story that involves, among many other things, getting an Associate's Degree at Lackawanna College.

So, thanks for the blogs, Amye!

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