Thursday, March 29, 2012

aesthetic (rev)eveolutions

Alicia Grega is one of the fine folks taking part in the Scranton StorySlam this weekend - which will be officiated by, among others, NEPA Blogs' own Michelle Hryvnak Davies! Today I saw a link to her freestanding "About Me" page - something brilliant that I've never seen before.

Alicia Grega

From this page there are several links. Among them is one that points to a blog. This blog:

aesthetic (rev)evolutions

From the "About" page:
This blog evolved into a more general exploration of aesthetic evolution via Alicia Grega’s SubVerse Aphrodesia initiative after first serving as ongoing commentary in the wake of her 2009 Individual Creative Artist Fellowship in Arts Commentary Award from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. The project traced the resurgence of vaudevillian arts in contemporary performance or “neo-vaudeville.”  Her research grew to consider visual and fashion trends and styles such as steampunk in addition to performance including alternative circuses and sideshow, punk cabaret, gypsy punk, burlesque, ventriloquism and magic acts.

How can you pass up something like that? Check out Alicia Grega's blog! And then come out to the Vintage Theater, 119 Penn Avenue in Scranton this Saturday, March 31 to see her take part in Scranton StorySlam!

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