Tuesday, March 20, 2012

PA Live! Blog of the Week: The LuLac Political Letter

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Our PA Live! Blog of the Week this week is The LuLac Political Letter.

Politics, I've long observed, is the most popular contact sport in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and political blogs are among the most popular blogs in the area. Local author, commentator, and political maven David Yonki writes one of the most popular and well-reviewed political blogs in Northeastern Pennsylvania. It's called The LuLac Political Letter - the "Lu" and "Lac" referring to Luzerne and Lackawanna counties, respectively - and it focuses on "issues of politics on all levels," including state and national politics, as well as local and regional politics in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Dave also looks at pop culture, especially the pop culture of years gone by.

Make no mistake: this isn't objective reporting, this is blogging with a take-no-prisoners attitude. Dave will highlight corruption and double-dealing from anyone at any level, regardless of political affiliation. He'll go on at length about dirty little secrets that have come to light.  In The LuLac Political Letter Dave will write all about the little details that others might just brush aside, details that seem irrelevant at the moment but might turn out to be the basis for scandals months down the road. But in the next breath he'll tell you about the most popular songs and TV shows from this day forty-five years ago.

Dave's output is remarkable: he will write a full-length blog post every day, and sometimes multiple blog posts in a single day. One peculiarity of his site may prove frustrating to new readers: his posts are titles with "issue numbers" and dates, rather than descriptive titles, an anyone looking for anything specific from an older post will have to read through every past post (and he's rapidly closing in on 2,000 "editions" - he's been at this since May 6, 2006!) or perform a site scan for relevant keywords.

The LuLac Political Letter has been recognized by PoliticsPA.com as one of the state's best political blogs, and with good reason. Dave works very hard at what he does, and has made many contacts throughout the state and local political scenes. It should come as no surprise that Dave is one of the political organizers behind Blog Fest, which is coming up March 30 at Rooney's in Pittston. Through his efforts (and the efforts of local political bloggers Gort and Joe Valenti), numerous politicians and political office-seekers will be in attendance at Blog Fest, there to meet bloggers from throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania of every stripe, political as well as non-political.  Blog Fest is open to everyone, and it's your opportunity to meet these politicians and candidates in a relaxed, casual setting and let them know what's on your mind, as well as a chance to meet bloggers like David Yonki and many others. Come on out and join us!

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All are invited to meet the bloggers of Northeastern Pennsylvania at the Spring 2012 Blog Fest on March 30, 2012 at Rooney's Irish Pub in Pittston! Stay tuned for more details!

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