Tuesday, March 13, 2012

570 Writers

I check our Sitemeter fairly often to see where traffic to our site is coming from. A lot of the time it's from our Facebook page, or from sites that have been linked by NEPA Blogs, or even from random Google searches. Sometimes it looks like traffic was specifically directed to us by sites I haven't heard of yet. That was the case with this blog:

570 Writers

Information for, by, and about Writers in Northeast Pennsylvania

This looks like a new blog - the earliest entries are from February. It looks like it is trying to do for the writing community of Northeastern Pennsylvania the same things that NEPA Blogs is trying to do for the blogging community. As a member of both communities, I'm interested! I'm looking forward to learning more about writing groups and events in the area from this site!

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Nathan said...

Thanks for the mention D.B.! You're exactly right about our mission: we are trying to connect writers with writing events around NEPA by making it as easy as possible to share info about things like writers' groups, workshops, readings, and meet-ups. We are just getting started, and will be rolling out some additional functionality over the next month or two, but we're up and running, and our calendar is loaded with great stuff from around the area (your upcoming blogfest, for one). Thanks for helping to spread the word, and please let us know about anything you think we should be listing! (there are contact and submission links all over the site) ~Nathan