Thursday, March 08, 2012

Dallas School District: Elementary Library Program Blog

Here's a really great blog I came cross from one of my Twitter followers @thecatcheronrye, Melissa Church, an elementary librarian from the Dallas School district.

Dallas School District: Elementary Library Program

Melissa blogs reviews about children's books, podcasts, and other fun things. I very much enjoyed the "Virtual Field Trip" section of the blog. There are a lot of fun places that your child can visit online for free by clicking through the links. It looks like there may even be a special section on the blog coming soon for students to write their own book reviews. What a cool idea!

Blogs have many purposes, and in this instance, it is being used as an educational tool. I don't think that you necessarily need a child enrolled in the Dallas School district to visit this blog, just one that is enthuasiastic about reading...and even if they are not...Melissa's posts will entice them into picking up a book.

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