Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blog Fest recaps

I will update this post as the reports come in. I'm still working on my own post.

Blog Fest 2012 Spring Edition was another rip roaring success with an estimated 200 people attending.

Bill Wellock of the Citizens Voice spent the entire night and filed this report
NEPA Blog Fest draws candidates' attention

Gort42 put up a teaser last night
Pink pig parked in Pittston

Another Monkey gives his initial impression
Blog Fest Spring 2012 report, part 1

My photos are available at this Facebook public link

Pittston Politics has a Photo Bucket

Steve, a Giant Pig and Gene Stilp.

It's Personal
The Lu Lac Political Letter

Pittston Politics

Another Blogfest success

More to come. Email me at if you write up the event.

UPDATE 4/1 5:15 PM (by Harold):
Some more views of Blog Fest, from two non-political bloggers. See if you can spot a common theme in all the posts! We're going to have to make sure Gene Stilp and Pignelope come to all of our future events!

Crafternoon Tea
NEPA Blogfest

Darling Stewie
Blogfest 2012! Big Pigs, Big Wigs, and Sweet Digs!

UPDATE 4/2 1:23 AM (by Harold)
I finally finished off my full-er report on Blog Fest.

Another Monkey
Three Blogtastic Days, Day 2: NEPA BlogFest

UPDATE 4/2 10:47 PM (by Michelle):
Don't forget about the lovely Mandy Boyle and her recap which can be found right here:
NEPA Blog Fest, Story-Filled Weekends, and Feeling Reinvigorated


Anonymous said...

I could only stay a short time and had a great time. I was disappoointed NEPA's only (as far as I know) health & fitness blogger wasn't there. Is Dr. Leonardi included on your site? I have been following his blog since I saw him on channell 44. His book helped me lose over 50 pounds and I was hoping to meet him in person or was this event strictly political?
Thanks for all you bloggers do.

D.B. Echo said...

It's funny, I've known about Joe Leonardi's fitness blog forever, yet for some reason we never added it. I haven't seen him at a blog gathering since probably 2006, back when he used to be a political blogger! But Blog Fest isn't just about politics, or even mainly about politics. Non-political bloggers outnumbered political bloggers this time around by about 3-to-1, though there were still more politicians and political operatives there overall. Plus a giant inflatable pig!