Friday, September 30, 2011

Endless Simmer

The Endless Simmer blog is essentially a "foodie" blog. There are several individual contributors to this culinary blog...similar to NEPA Blogs setup, except they are from all over the country. The connection to "NEPA" is that one of the contributors is a NEPA Native. Blogger Clayton Jacobs (@bellyrulesmind on Twitter) is of local swagger, from the About Page:

"Neither a writer nor a chef by profession, Clay Jacobs (Borracho) joins the ES team with passion and desire to explore new culinary experiences and basic grammar skills. Borracho is as likely to rave about Michelin 3-star cuisine as the pizza place down the street. When he cooks, the focus is on local product, bold flavors and comfort food, but his posts mix in discussions of technique, sports, pop culture and a dash of the inane. His Gridiron Grub series offers amped-up takes on typical football and tailgating foods to enjoy when watching the game, even if you are a Dallas Cowboys fan."
There's also a blogger listed as attending college in Central Pennsylvania....Madeline Shores. Here's her bio from the About Page:

"After living off cafeteria food, the strange products of her tiny kitchen, and Central Pennsylvania’s finest offerings while attending college, Madeline Shores (ML) hwas forced to enter the real world in 2009 to begin her fast and sexy life representing the future of America. With only the stamp of a snotty private school and a completely unmarketable degree, ML has returned to Philly to live off cheap beer and whatever food she can afford (see: gourmet instant ramen). In her free time, she can be seen traveling and acting as the mealtime paparazzi while spending time with friends, some of whom have dubbed her “the anytime eater.”

On Twitter: @MadelineSho

To view all of the contributors to the blog, visit:

More about the blog:

We created Endless Simmer to satisfy our insatiable desire to think about food constantly. We’re basically somewhere between regular consumers of food pop culture and total snobs. We can just as easily enjoy offal or destroy a Dunkin Donuts (fake) egg and cheese croissant. We love to experiment in the kitchen, but we do frown on cheating. There’s nothing we love more than a good food pun.

Turn to Endless Simmer for all your food needs. We will share our cooking stories, favorite shows, restaurant reviews, travel tales and any other things we can think of that incorporate eating in any way.

Clearly, we just can’t keep our mouths shut.


For our sake, we hope that they don't, because we were drooling over several of the posts. However, the "Top 10 Things I Ate In College That I'll Never Eat Again" post was pretty damn hilarious. I am guilty of so many of those food crimes! However, I'm kind of shocked that ramen noodles were absent from the list. Maybe some of the authors are guilty of still eating them (as I am on occasion)....speaking of which. TIME FOR DINNER.


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ML said...

Yes, I went to school in Central PA and YES I still eat ramen!

Thanks for the shout out!