Saturday, September 17, 2011

Three from Thursday

As a consequence of Thursday's Bloggers' Roundtable at the Vintage Theater in Scranton, I've picked up three blogs to add to the NEPA Blogs sidebar! Here's hoping there will be more to follow!

First off, the Vintage Theater itself has a news blog on its website, letting you know about everything that's going on at the Vintage and beyond!

One of the events coming up (tomorrow!) which is mentioned on the website (but not on the blog per se) is playwright Kait Burrier doing dramatic readings from her plays. (Doors open at 5:00, readings begin at 6:00.) In looking for more information on Kait, I came across this interview on the blog "The Write Life," which turns out to be a blog about Wilkes University's Creative Writing MA/MFA program:

The Write Life

A little more digging (because, hey, I'm like that, that's what I do) revealed that Kait herself has a blog!

Kaitlyn Burrier's Live Blog

...on which, confusingly, the introductory post (which I can't appear to link to directly without hand-copying the URL, grrrr) appears to only have gone up 16 hours ago.

(Or, you know, doing a screen grab of the URL as it appears on my bottom bar. Because I'm like that, too.)
So there you have it. Three blogs for the sidebar, all as a consequence of the Bloggers' Roundtable! We'll see where things go from here...

UPDATE:  Uggggh, bad news. Of the three, only the Vintage Theater blog appears to have an RSS feed that Blogger likes - and it's not capturing it yet! Kait's is a Tumblr blog, and Tumblr blogs are often problematic. The Wilkes blog appears to have valid RSS - you can see it here - but Blogger hangs up when I try to add it. Maybe Blogger is just tired. Maybe tomorrow. In any case, all three of these will also be added to the list of static links on the sidebar, too!

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Michelle HD said...

I already added The Write Life wordpress blog a few weeks ago when I added Amye Archer.