Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tumblr Trio

Psssst! NEPA. I have a secret for you.

I have a Twitter addiction. I am the soul figurehead that manages the @nepablogs Twitter account. I scour it at least once a week to see if there are any new bloggers that have decided to give us a follow. Today, I'll be sharing with you the three Tumblr blogs that I came across most recently. Fear not! I still have an extensive queue of Twitter bloggers to add to our blog roll, but I'm trying to break it down into more manageable doses. I think these few Tumblr blogs may snap you out of your mid-week blues......or something like that.

First up...A Tumblr Sports blogger who loves Hockey!

"Lets Go Pens 1105"
Hey! My name is Danielle! Just in case you couldn't tell by the title I'm a HUGE hockey fan! My favorite teams are the Penguins, Hurricanes, and Blackhawks. I don't mind any of the other team except the Capitals, Islanders, and of course the Flyers. Favorite players are all the Staals (including Jared!), Jonathan Toews, Jeff Skinner, Deryk Engelland, and Max Talbot!

Next...Christian Kemmerer with a Political Themed Blog.

"No Tea 4 Me"
On Twitter: @christiank22

Replacing right-wing extremism with potent home-brewed posts...

Lastly, the spirital blog of Mathew John Kester. He just started up his Tumblr blog today, so there are only 2 posts currently.

"A Wretch Like Mathew"
On Twitter: @awretchlikemat

I am Mathew. I live in the mountains of N.E. Pennsylvania with my wife Kelly, my daughter Zuzu and my son Max. (COMPLETE BIO COMING SOON!)

One of the things we like to drive home about NEPA Blogs, is that there's literally a blog for any and every topic imaginable. As you can see by the wide variety of Tumblr blogs in this post, we certainly a vast variety of local bloggers that have something to interest everyone. Keep those blog submissions a-comin'.

Now about those midweek blues....just think, we are in the downward curve heading towards Friday. Feel better now?


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