Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy in NEPA

Happy in NEPA - - is the TypePad blog of Dr. Patricia Fox who lives and works in Northeastern PA. She is one of the blogs I found on my most recent Twitter blog fishing expedition. You can follow her on Twitter @DrPFox

More from the About Page:

PFox - pink2
I am a psychology professional living and working in northeast PA (NEPA). I am abundantly curious about what makes people happy. Dr. Ed Diener pioneered the modern study of happiness, scientifically known as "subjective well-being." I became interested in the study of well-being while a graduate student in the Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) program at Marywood University in Scranton, PA.

As an educator, writer, and researcher, I explore the factors that influence happiness including income, personality, relationships, health, environment, geography, and public policy. As a trained clinical psychologist, I am curious about how individuals cultivate happiness. I am especially interested in the happiness of people living in northeast PA (NEPA).

Pennsylvania is experiencing an historical change related to its mineral wealth. In 2003, the first natural gas well in the Marcellus Shale was drilled in southwestern PA. Speculators began to secure gas drilling leases in late 2006. Natural gas drilling quickly came to northeast PA in 2007. In 2010, Pennsylvania was reported to have 57,469 natural gas wells, the second highest in the U.S. The citizens of PA continue to be divided about the potential economic benefits and the environmental risks of natural gas drilling in the state.

I blog about the scientific research on happiness and well-being. I also explore the events unique to northeast PA influencing happiness. Finally, I seek out those people living and working in NEPA who have discovered what makes them happy.

Some happiness is just what the doctor ordered after all of the tragic recent weather events that occurred in NEPA. I urge you to check out the blog, a little happiness never hurt anyone.


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