Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two from Rich Howells

Thursday night I will be representing both my own personal blog (Another Monkey) and NEPA Blogs at a bloggers' roundtable event being held at the Vintage Theater in Scranton from 6:00 to 9:00. Also at the table will be bloggers Justin Vacula and Tom Borthwick, as well as blogger and moderator Rich Howells. When I learned who the other participants were I was less surprised at the fact that Justin and Tom are already listed on NEPA Blogs and more surprised that we don't have either of Rich Howells's blogs listed!

From the "About Rich" section of the main page on his personal blog, Rich Howells (

Rich is a 27-year-old writer, award-winning journalist, part-time blogger, and occasional misanthrope living in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He is a total nerd and co-founder of That Thin Line Productions, which produces entertainment for the web, such as this site and Muckmakers. Obviously, he also enjoys writing profiles in the third person. To learn more, visit the About page.

His Muckmakers blog ( has the subtitle "Highlighting the scandals you may have missed." From his lengthy and involved "About" page comes this bit that he says is "about as close to a mission statement as we’ll get:"

We hope to entertain as well as inform, injecting a healthy dose of cynicism, wit, sarcasm, and impropriety into our commentary in hopes of giving it to you straight while keeping you laughing, because if you can’t laugh at the world and its problems, you’re probably part of said problems.

Drop by both of Rich's blogs and have a look. He's been doing a lot of work behind the scenes on both of them, so don't be surprised if you see some changes soon. And if you have a chance, be sure to come out and see all of us at the Vintage Theater!


Tom Borthwick said...

It's, so you know. You've got the link embedded as NEPApartisan. :o)

D.B. Echo said...

How the heck did that happen?! I can't imagine I went through all the trouble of retyping the link there. I probably copied it from somewhere else. Which means that that error is also somewhere else! Now I just have to find it...

Michelle HD said...

I think it was my fault. I posted the link incorrectly last night, I was retyping it by hand from Facebook as the copy and paste was messing up the font. I'm operating off of 4-5 hours of sleep per night, so I apologize :-(

D.B. Echo said...

Heh, I fixed that. And sorry about the double-post for Rich Howells's site! I should have read your post more closely. I was wondering how it was already on the sidebar when I went to post it there!