Friday, September 02, 2011

NEPA Blogosphere Hurricane Irene wrap-up, Part 2

This is Part 2 of the continuing wrap-up of blog posts that deal with the effects of Hurricane Irene in NEPA. There will definitely be a Part 3.

UPDATE, 9/9/11: I lied. There were only two more posts about Irene that I'm aware of before our next regional disaster - the worse-than-Agnes flooding brought on by the remnants of Hurricane Lee. I've appended these posts at the end.

As I was assembling Part 1 of the wrap-up, Dave Yonki of The LuLac Political Letter was blogging his thoughts on how Hurricane Irene - like previous regional disasters - brought out the worst in some people.

Gort at Gort42 has a follow-up to a question he raised in his previous post about Irene: Barletta and Marino back Cantor's response to Hurricaine Irene.

After a grueling five days without electricity or water - and looking at a possible 30 more days of roadblocks and closures around her house - Michelle is back at, giving us hurricane irene: post #1, complete with three videos of the wind from the approaching storm and its effect on trees.  She promises that there is "More to come as well as an EXTENSIVE post on my thoughts about UGI vs. PPL, how to PROPERLY prepare in the storm and more miscellaneous thoughts running through my noggin."

And from those long-ago days before Hurricane Irene hit, Daniel Hodorawis at NEPArtisan warned us of the shape of things to come in Hurricane Irene Says Get Your Milk & Bread.


There will be more. And again, if we missed your posts about Hurricane Irene, please let us know!

UPDATE, 9/9/11: Here are the only additional posts that I'm aware of. Oddly, they're by two of the administrators of NEPA Blogs.

Michelle D. continued to blog about her experiences in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene - including being without electricity or water for five days - in Hurricane Irene – Post #2. And she summarizes her thoughts in I can name that tune (week) in 2 notes (words).

Finally, I decided to get all preachy in Lessons we learned from the storm.

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