Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nothington Post

Yesterday we received another mailbag submission from someone called "Scare Jacket". The only text in the email was the URL (that is to say, the Uniform Resource Locator).

Nothington Post

From the about section:

A blog dedicated to local, state, and national news, based in Luzerne County, PA, with an emphasis on politics as seen through a conservative lens.

To give us news tips or letters to the editor please email:

We check the blog email at least once a week, so be patient.

An interesting fact about the blog, is that it is written under total anonymity. I do not know the author, or am able to find any specific details as to who he/she might be. They are definitely someone who resides in Northeast PA.

There is also a sister site linked from the blog roll on Nothington Post which is authored by the same anonymous person:

The Obscure Lure
"Odd News, Out of the Box thought, Off-beat Commentary"

I'm going to add both of these links to the blog roll here at NEPA Blogs. I think the political crowd of bloggers will appreciate these two new blogs. Don't forget, if you have a blog that you would like us to feature, send an email to

Happy Sunday!


Lisa's Ovarian Cancer Fund said...

Hey Mike, I was able to catch you guys on TV with George Roberts Computer Wise Show talking about Blogging and I picked up a few good tips!  Thanks for the inspiration.

I'm helping a very dear friend who has suffered over five operations and is battling Ovarian Cancer. With the help of a few of her co-workers and the Boy Scouts Troop #80 we have put together a Fund Raising Benefit & Tricky Tray for Lisa Payne at the Jackson Township Volunteer Fire House off Rt.715 in Reeders, Pa. November 5th 2011 1:00pm to 5:30pm if anyone out there would care to attend. Everyone is invited and please bring a friend!

We’ve been working hard to raise-up some really great items to give away at this Fund Raising Benefit & Tricky Tray like a pair of Giant VS Eagles tickets, tons of gift cards from local business owners, dinner for two, gift baskets, DJ Chris Fox and a whole lot more!

If anyone reading this is in the position to donate monetarily please visit Lisa Payne’s Blog at; because is she is certainly a one of a kind and I feel blessed to have her as a friend. Everyone that knows her in fact knows that this is a very special person and there just doesn’t seem to be enough like her in the world.

Other Contacts are Lori Dewitt 570-629-7818
and Kim Lollis 570-236-3115.

God bless you for your help!

Gary Keesler

Michelle HD said...

I'm actually Michelle. Harold was the guy that was interviewed with me, but anyway....I will mention you in the next post as well as the blog. I'm so glad that you were able to find us and submit your blog.