Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NEPA Blogger's Roundtable

A few weeks ago Harold (a.k.a "DB Echo") was invited to participate in a Bloggers forum by Rich Howells of Go Lackwanna! He graciously accepted the offer and is scheduled to appear in the roundtable tomorrow night. I invite you all to attend as it is free of charge. I would love to go and meet you all as well, but with my new night shift position, my schedule unfortunately does not allow it.

Here are the details:

Where: The Vintage Theater; Penn Avenue; Scranton PA

When: Tomorrow, Thursday, September 15, 2011 from 6-9pm

Moderator: Rich Howells

Guest panelists:

Tom Borthwick, local teacher former candidate for Scranton School Board, and author of, one of the leading local political websites.

Justin Vacula, co-organizer for the NEPA Freethought Society, contributor, and the blogger behind, where he examines atheism, religion, and other philosophical topics.

Harold Jenkins (yay!), an autobiographical blogger from as well as a contributor to NEPA Blogs (, a clearinghouse providing links to blogs and other sites about NEPA or by people from NEPA.

The What:

Who is writing about the Scranton area's music scene, art scene, business community, politics, and philosophical beliefs -- and what are they saying? Coffee and complementary wine will be available starting at 6pm. It is FREE OF CHARGE (as previously mentioned) and open to the public. Rich Howells, will provide perspective on writing as a longtime blogger and as well as a journalist. While the two sides often battle for supremacy in modern media, Rich is of the opinion that both have their own place in delivering important information and opinions to the public. Rich Howells' blog can be found at (I already added it to the blogroll).

This event is sponsored by Pages & Places @ Anthology, The Vintage Theater, and Go Lackawanna.
I really hope that you can attend!

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