Tuesday, September 13, 2011

PA Live! notes

NEPA Blogs made its debut on PA Live! today, featuring our first Blog of the Week. Big thanks to Dave Kuharchik, Monica Madeja, and the whole crew at WBRE for making this as easy as possible, and especially big thanks to Michelle D. for making this happen!

I'm trying to convince Dave and Monica to start a PA Live! blog where they can talk about the show's content each day, take readers behind the scenes, or give insights into the show - whatever they like! But in the meantime, let me fill you in on this episode - and add two bloggers to the NEPA Blogs list.

Today's episode - only the second episode of PA Live! ever - featured Jessie Holeva, a fashion blogger whose blog's motto is "Where style cravings fit a skinny budget." She's just back from the New York Fashion Show, and has a swag bag containing "the newest hair products, wrinkle cream, fake nails, a new drink, and even a shirt designed by Avril Lavigne" to give away! Her blog is called Trend HUNGRY (http://trendhungry.com/). Visit this post for information on the swag bag giveaway. Jessie will be presenting fashion information every Tuesday on PA Live!

Jessie's brother James Holeva was there as well, providing moral support. James is a comedian, former columnist for The Weekender, and a "Certified creeping specialist" according to his business card. He's also a blogger, and his blog, The Wingman Chronicles(http://wingmanchronicles.wordpress.com/) is... well, he describes it as "The uncouth adventures, uncensored exploits, tales of creepin', and advice of The Wingman James Holeva." It's certainly not a blog for the kiddies, and even some older folks may feel a bit creeped out. Read at your own risk, and consider yourself warned!

A delicious meal was prepared on the set by Master Chef Marcello of the Cafe Toscana restaurant (http://cafetoscanarestaurant.com/) - Capelli d’Angello Toscana: Angel Hair Pasta with Shiitake Mushrooms, Sun-dried Tomato & Arugula in a Garlic & Olive Oil Sauce. (The smell of garlic sauteing in olive oil almost brought the show to an abrupt end as everyone on the set nearly fell on Chef Marcello like a pack of ravenous zombies.) When I asked him after the show if he had a card, he said "No, but I have a pen." I took his pen, thanked him, dug in my pocket for a scrap of paper to write on, and asked him for Cafe Toscana's website - which he pointed out to me was printed on the side of the pen he had just given me! So my thanks to Master Chef Marcello of Cafe Toscana for the delicious meal and lovely pen!

What does next Tuesday's installment of PA Live! have in store? You'll just have to wait and see! In the meantime, be sure to tune in to WBRE every weekday between 4:00 and 5:00 for PA Live!

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Jessie Holeva said...

Thanks for the support and so nice to have met you! Hope to see you soon!!