Monday, September 12, 2011

NEPA Blogosphere Flood of 2011 wrap-up, Part 2

It's hard to call this a "wrap-up" of any sort as the story is still ongoing. For people in areas inundated by the Susquehanna and by flooding creeks and streams, this story will go on for months and years to come. But here are the latest posts from the NEPA Blogosphere on the Flood of 2011:

Jennifer D. Wade gives a media insider's view of the flood - as well as the view of someone who has the levee that holds back the Susquehanna literally in her back yard - in September Floods (or, bullets whizzing by my head.)

Lorina at Is THIS Bliss? has one word for people mulling over whether or not they should evacuate when ordered to: GTFO!

Don at the Susquehanna River Sentinel recalls flood clean-up after Agnes in Post-Flood: The Sights, the Smells, the Sounds, and documents a stunning bit of damage of personal relevance in To All of My October Paddling Friends.

James Rising looks at how the local and national media covered the flood in this week's Aggregate Saturday.

Karla Porter has been through a lot in the past 8 Weeks - including establishing and managing a Facebook group for disseminating accurate, truthful information about the flood, its effects, and post-flood recovery.

David Yonki's LuLac Political Letter has had plenty of flood coverage in issues 17481749, 1750, 1751, and 1752.

Andy Palumbo gave a view from Duryea (and shared some river wisdom) in FloodWatch 2011, and realized the power of Twitter in a crisis situation in Re Tweet.

Dale Wilsey Jr. of Manic Frustration witnesses the awesome and horrifying power of the flooding Susquehanna in '72 Déjà vu : September flooding in Tunkhannock Part 1.

Gort42 has much to say about the flood:
- Wyoming Valley Flood 2011-update
- Wyoming Valley Flood 2011-Barletta and Obama respond.
- Wyoming Valley Flood 2011-the levee system held, now the cleanup
- Barletta's reponse
- Wyoming Valley Flood 2011-paying for it

Stephen Albert of Not Cease From Exploration makes some observations about flooding in West Pittston (among other things) in Road Apples, #111.

Matt Taylor makes many days of rain look beautiful in his video Rain Daze.

Justin Vacula looks at Skepticism During the Flood.

Politics in Northeastern Pennsylvania reminds us that PA Dems Attacked Corbett for Emergency Readiness Ads.

On Another Monkey, I compare the political climates for recovery during 1972 and 2011 in The water this time.

The Right to Gripe griped about the flood in The Flood of 2011, and gripes some more in Flood Thoughts 2011.
JimboBillyBob at Posts From the Fringe is exhausted from dealing with Tropical Storm Lee, but promises a big post soon.

Dan Emplit at WB Fire Fighters Thoughts commends the mayor of Wilkes-Barre for his actions in Don't yell at him for doing his job, and stresses the value of South Station as the only Wilkes-Barre firehouse not in the flood plain.

Mark at Circumlocution for Dummies shares an important link for people who need help in Wilkes-Barre in Recovery Web site.

Scootin' da Valley takes a scooter as far as it can go in affected areas in Nature Comes Calling.

Pittston Politics will not be regularly updated for a while as blogger Joe Valenti's house was affected by the flood. Best wishes, Joe!

Whole Family offers HEALTH Tips During FLOOD 2011 Clean-up! and Health Tips Unliklely to be Heard on Local Flood News.

Gary Ryman at Keep 200 Ft Back: My View From the Back Step shares an insight on persuading people to evacuate in Get in the boat!

The SPCA of Luzerne County gives some Flood updates - On the animal front.

Rachel of all trades focuses on flood assistance in the Bloomsburg area in Flood of 2011 - a few places to give and get assistance.

McGruff at Sights on Pennsylvania explains how Democrats are actually holding up FEMA Disaster Aid by refusing to kill funding for electric cars.

David DeCosmo at No News Is...Good News? tells us about Old Man River...He Just keeps Rolling Along! and shares an amusing story from the terrible days of Agnes in True Confessions!

Mandy Boyle shares her thoughts in Rivers Run Deep.

In a post I think I missed in our first wrap-up, Lisa at Live & Learn looks warily at the coming disaster on Wednesday, September 7 in Checking In... and writes about the flood itself in Epic...

Mike Burnside checked in on September 9 in Late Summer Evening.

Steve Fretz at Miles of RV Smiles asks Pennsylvania: Have You Used Your Motorhome As A Storm Shelter?

And finally, Michelle Davies has gone above and beyond with NEPA Blogs in the mega-post Giving Help, which is a virtual one-stop guide to giving (and getting!) flood relief in NEPA.


This isn't the end, I am sure. There will still be many posts about this flood, and I am sure I have missed a few. But that's it for now.

For an earlier view of this disaster, see NEPA Blogosphere Flood of 2011 wrap-up, Part 1.

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