Tuesday, September 13, 2011

PA Live! Blog of the Week: The Susquehanna River Sentinel

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The first blog that we're going to feature as the PA Live! Blog of the Week is one that is suddenly very relevant to a lot of people in Northeastern and Central PA: the Susquehanna River Sentinel.

The Susquehanna River Sentinel is written by kayaker and clean-water enthusiast Don Williams. While Don doesn't currently live in NEPA, he was born and raised in the Wyoming Valley, still has family in the area, and stops by frequently to visit and to paddle along the Susquehanna. (He's logged a few more miles in a kayak than Governor Corbett!) He is passionate about the Susquehanna, and it shows in his blog. He writes about the health of the river, its history, and threats to its continued well-being. He doesn't pull his punches or shy away from controversy when it comes to topics like fracking and the threats it poses to the Susquehanna. And with a background in law and a degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences, he knows what he's talking about.

The Susquehanna River Sentinel looks at things that don't always make the news. Don's been keeping track of the methane bubbling from the Susquehanna - a consequence of fracking activity - since it started over 376 days ago. He helped clean up in Wilkes-Barre and Kingston after the flood of '72, so he knows the task that the people affected by the flood of 2011 are facing. It was through his efforts that the Susquehanna has been declared the most endangered river in America. And he features a list of links to other blogs about fracking, the Susquehanna, and NEPA in general.

The Susquehanna River Sentinel blog can be found at srs444.blogspot.com - "srs" for "Susquehanna River Sentinel," and "444" for the total length of the river in miles. If you're someone whose life is affected by the Susquehanna, or if you're someone who cares about the Susquehanna, go visit this fascinating blog by its most passionate defender: the Susquehanna River Sentinel.

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