Friday, September 02, 2011

Job Seeker blogs

Blogs can be used in many ways: to express opinions, to record thoughts, to advertise products or services - the applications are virtually limitless. And here's another one.

Job seekers in today's competitive job market need to make use of all the tools at their disposal. Traditional résumés and pounding the pavement still have their place, but now they are joined by such tools as online job searches, social networking sites, and job-seeker sites like LinkedIn. Blogs can serve as another tool in this ever-expanding toolkit, a tool that can be used to express aspects of the job seeker that go beyond the limited scope of résumés, cover letters, and even highly structured sites like LinkedIn. With a blog a job seeker can reveal as much or as little about themself as they wish, and can link to other sites and resources that they feel will aid them in their search and will provide prospective employers with additional useful information.

So. I'll go first. Here's a blog I created to aid me in my quest:

Harold F. Jenkins

B.S. in Physics and over nineteen years experience in industry. Analytical, intuitive, and creative problem solver. What can I do for you?

Self-serving? Sure. You've gotta serve yourself; you can't expect anyone else to serve you. And by tapping into the networking power of NEPA Blogs, I will vastly increase the exposure and "linkiness" of this blog - two clicks away from anyone with a link to NEPA Blogs.

How about you? If you're searching for a job, or simply looking to improve your employment situation, is a blog a tool that can aid you in that search? If you live in NEPA and you decide to create a job seeker blog, let us know. We'd love to link to you!

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